What We Offer

Residential Service

Generating electricity from the sun and reducing your monthly spending on electricity is just one of the benefits of installing solar panels at your residence. You can also:

  • Add value to your property.
  • Reduce reliance and demand on the grid.

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Commercial Service

Solar panels are great for commercial facilities. Many business owners are finding solar energy to be a great solution to helping the environment and their wallets as well as attracting more business.

Some benefits include reducing ongoing power costs associated with normal equipment and office usage, and the ability to backup critical office equipment in an emergency.

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We provide a streamlined, three-step outline for our customers:

1 – Custom Design

  • Concise, real-time savings projection based off of annualized usage and actual sun exposure time.
  • Full site evaluation and layout, including 3D modeling for shade and sun exposure
  • Comprehensive Performance and Financial Analysis using

2 – Installation

  • Open and clear communication throughout the install period from start to finish.
  • Full-service, turn-key system install including any and all communication and approval from your grid company and service provider.
  • Un-intrusive, hassle free interactions from crew arrival to project completion.

3 – Maintenance

  • Each of our systems are designed with minimal maintenance and upkeep, and to achieve maximum output.
  • Full system warranty plan with remote and onsite monitoring.
  • Designated and scheduled, on-site diagnostics available upon request or as needed.