Custom Design

When it comes to solar, residential or commercial, we recognize there is no “one size fits all” formula. Every situation has different energy goals, as well as potential space limitations. With this in mind, our process for creating a custom solar system design has been fully optimized by utilizing the following energy data and technology:

What We Offer Is:

  • By providing you with concise, real-time savings projections based off of your annualized usage and actual sun exposure time, we can pinpoint your highest usage hours and months and accordingly design a system that will work for you, year-round.
  • Additionally, we utilize the latest in solar system design technology to create 3D models of your system that calculate shade and sun exposure as well as any other site specific interference.
  • Lastly, we assemble a Comprehensive Performance and Financial Analysis Quote using real time numbers and localized data so you can have, in just three pages, all the tangible information you need about how solar can specifically help you.